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Teal – Tech company websites home page template

Teal – the home page template of a Tech company’s website

Every business owner should think about his website. Especially tech agencies ones. And the ultimate goal of such people is to convey a clear message through the website, to reach its audience and attract costumers who are ready to work and collaborate. And after all the hard work of searching, brainstorming, analyzing, and working with the product owners, as a Designer, you find yourself in the last step of making all their ideas visually. That’s why I will share with you the first draft of a simple and clean homepage design for the website, which meant to be the first page of a new Tech Agency called Teal ( or at least how I imagined it to be).
This is one of my side projects where I just try to learn and sharpen up my skills in UI and UX Design by rethinking existing solutions or exploring new ideas as for my imagination of Teals website’s homepage; The Tech Agency Created as a venture joint of two Big organizations in Morocco, which are OCP group, and IBM Morocco.
Please share with me your thoughts about it, good once and bad once too!

We are making something cool just for you!
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