Affiliate program:

UIXONE is a fast growing international company with a worldwide reputation and a leading position in the investment market.

Despite the achieved results, there is always something to strive for. One of the promising areas of development is the implementation of the partnership program. Cooperating with the best organizations, the hedge fund is improving every year and compares favorably with other investment companies.

UIXONE will gladly consider providing partner preferences on a case-by-case basis. By building long-term relationships with investors that are based on trust, the hedge fund seeks an individual approach to each client and partner.

In addition, the company is interested in partnerships regarding joint investment and development of common projects. The company sees one of the main prospects for interaction with partners in the creation of joint ventures.

UIXONE is always open to cooperation and will gladly consider all proposals. The conditions for partners to enter investment projects are discussed individually. Contact your manager for more information! And remember, there are no such heights that could not be conquered!

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