Classic DU:

UIXONE sees among its clients investors with different assets. That is why the range of services is designed both for newcomers to the investment business and for real professionals in this field. One of the services that may be of interest to investors with solid capital is trust management.

The companyёs hedge fund allows investors to enter into a personal trust management contract with their manager for capital from USD 100,000. This is an incredibly profitable offer from a financial point of view. By providing such a service, UIXONE specialists relieve clients from the need to constantly monitor the situation in the investment market and worry about their assets.

Also, the classic trust management frees investors from any time costs required to conduct an investment business. It makes it possible to participate in investment processes without any effort.

In fact, this is an analogue of a bank deposit with a much higher yield with practically the same risks and guarantees.

In order to use this service, the client must have at least USD 100,000 on his investment balance.

According to the terms of the contract, the investor has the right at any stage of cooperation to request a report on the results of investment operations. The manager will provide all the necessary information without delay. The company is interested in ensuring that clients are confident in the professionalism of specialists and do not worry about risks.

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