Successful trading in financial markets is impossible without a balanced training system and a fairly rich personal experience.

For clients who set the goal of reaching an independent level of profitable investment, UIXONE is ready to offer the most effective way of training - working in conjunction with a professional.

As the analysis of the history of the development of financial markets and many thousands of memoirs of their participants shows, neither training courses, nor the study of many books or video tutorials can guarantee positive results for a novice trader. Only long-term personal experience of trading can provide a truly stable result at a distance. There are three aspects of interaction with the market that need to be adjusted to suit your personality.

education 1

The ability to correctly assess information and draw the necessary conclusions that will form the basis of entry and exit points from positions.

Technical analysis - consists in analyzing market charts, indicators, candlestick patterns. To simplify it, our hedge fund uses automatic and semi-automatic market analysis systems combined with the expertise of our professional analysts.

Fundamental analysis - is the analysis of events and news that have a particular impact on a particular market. UIXONE has active contracts with the world`s leading analytical agencies and regularly provides its analysts with profitable market information, including that which is not public.

education 2

Ability to create and follow an understandable and efficient system for calculating volumes and lengths of market positions, hedging risks, calculating profitability goals and trading intensity limits. This aspect is no less, and sometimes even more important than the market analyst, because a good forecaster at a distance will still suffer a loss if he does not know how to correctly apply theoretical conclusions in the financial plane.

Our hedge fund is ready to share with its clients simple and very sophisticated money management systems that make it absolutely impossible to lose more than 5% of your capital. We also use Japanese automatic risk limiting systems that work 24/7 without pauses for updates. We guarantee the most careful approach to this issue!

education 3

By this definition, we mean the formation and rooting in the minds of our clients of the correct psychological attitude and attitude towards investments. This is perhaps the most important parameter and trait of a successful investor!

education 4

Our hedge fund is ready to help our clients create both an interesting, exciting hobby and a source of massive income of millions of dollars quarterly. We are ready to work with investors of any level and provide both a small addition to the salary and guarantee passive income under a signed contract in the amount of $ 100,000 or more.

All people are different and unique, and in our work we take into account any peculiarities of both the wishes and ambitions of the client and his financial capabilities.

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