UIXONE specialists provide consulting services in the process of cooperation with the client. This contributes to the rapid development of the latter in the field of investment and building trusting relationships in their work.

The ability to quickly get assistance in solving a particular situation is highly appreciated by specialists. Also, interest in the professional development of clients with different experience in the field of investment, including newbies, speaks volumes about the value of each investor for UIXONE.

In order to promptly resolve emerging issues, we post the most frequently asked ones.

What do you need to get started?

In order to become a client of the company, you must register with a hedge fund. To do this, you must fund your personal investment account and, within a week after that, go through identity verification in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

What is Smart-order?

Smart-order - is a blockchain-based smart contract that allows an investor to order his manager to make an investment with the exact parameters that the investor chooses. It is an innovative technology in the field of investment and makes the process of carrying out financial transactions convenient and of high quality. It was the use of Smart-order that became a breakthrough in this area and brought the company to the world level.

How reliable is the platform Smart-order?

Developed by the UIXONE team itself, this unique technological platform for financial transactions, Smart-order has successfully passed beta testing. Its quality and reliability is so obvious that competing organizations even tried to buy out the rights to Smart-order.

What specific risks does the investor bear?

One of the main advantages of interacting with a company is that the investor only bears a fixed risk, which is specified in advance in the Smart-order details. There are no other financial losses for the client, so there is no reason to worry about your funds.

What is the maximum return an investor can get?

According to the laws of Singapore, under the jurisdiction of which UIXONE is located, the income of investors cannot be limited, either technically or legally. Thus, the maximum income can be any amount.

What happens in case of bankruptcy of the company with the investor`s money?

UIXONE is a reliable and steadily developing company. The founders have taken all measures regarding the safety and security of both the company itself and each of its clients. Therefore, mathematically, bankruptcy is impossible if we mean complete ruin. At the same time, in the event of force majeure (force majeure), the insurance covers up to USD 1,000,000 of losses to each investor.

Why does the investor not see the details of Smart-order execution (asset price, entry / exit points, direction)?

The main advantage of Smart-order for an investor is its simplicity and safety. When opening a Smart-order through a hedge fund, an investor instructs his manager to place an investment in a specific market, for a specific time and specific conditions, leaving all the details of the process at the discretion and responsibility of the manager. Thus, the investor gets a ready result, avoiding the typical risks associated with inexperience that are allowed in the stock market game.

At the same time, the manager can, within the framework of one Smart-order, carry out from 1 to 100 market operations for a given asset. The statement of these operations can be provided at the request of the investor. Therefore, if the client has a need to obtain an account statement, then a report on the results of trading is issued without any difficulties and delays.

How do I fund my account and how do I withdraw funds?

Deposits and withdrawals are made using a simple interface in the client`s personal account. Both bank cards and transfers, as well as electronic payment systems and cryptocurrencies are supported. This expands the capabilities of clients and makes the process of financial transactions even more convenient and fast.

Can a client invest large amounts of $ 1,000,000 or more?

The company welcomes large investments and provides a number of pleasant benefits for the VIP segment (personal card, reduced commissions, urgent withdrawals up to USD 10,000,000, an annual business event and dinner with brand owners, as well as leading economists, show stars business and sports, influential politicians).

This client-oriented organization policy is aimed at creating long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Thanks to its innovative approach to the creation of a technical platform for investment, UIXONE stands out favorably against the background of the same type of companies in this market segment. And an impeccable reputation, a desire to provide assistance in development and a willingness to meet in any situation contributes to the daily increase in the number of investors, including both beginners and recognized professionals in this field.

If you have not found the answer to your question, then you can always contact a specialist of the company`s support department and you will be provided with qualified assistance. Our consultants provide assistance at all stages of the client`s development, which undoubtedly contributes to both personal growth and an increase in the investor`s profit.

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