UIXONE provides first class service and level of service to its clients. Building long-term investor relationships is one of the main benefits of a hedge fund.

It is thanks to the individual approach to each investor, assistance in work and professional consulting that the company managed to gain the trust of large investors and traders.

Compliance with guarantees is also an important factor. By merging with a reputable Singaporean company, the hedge fund fell under the jurisdiction of the country where the legislation is most properly implemented. The company`s activities are regulated by the laws of Singapore - a state in which enterprises do not have to worry about their assets, because the law guarantees unconditional protection of their rights.

UIXONE provides the following guarantees to its investors.

  1. A contract without hidden meaning and context in a language convenient for the client guarantees the absence of any "pitfalls";
  2. The mechanism of Smart-order operation is the most secure and secure type of exchange transactions. The main feature of this technology is that it protects the investor from himself. After all, the program will never make mistakes that a person can make due to any life circumstances;
  3. High-quality staff work with world-class managers. The team of the company cooperates with leading economists, which allows you to keep abreast of all trends in the development of the investment market;
  4. Hedge fund clients money is held in an individual segregated sub-account with HSBC Bank in Singapore, thus eliminating the loss of funds in the event of force majeure. In this case, all trading operations are executed without slippage and requotes;
  5. Each clients deposit, according to the laws of Singapore, is automatically insured up to 100,000 USD.

Impeccably adhering to the above guarantees, UIXONE develops steadily and efficiently, increasing the efficiency of the Smart-order system and the quality of service for its clients.

By becoming a client of the company, you will be part of the best investor team, thanks to which you will be able to look confidently into the future and constantly increase your income.

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