Despite the fact that UIXONE is a fairly young company, it will certainly become the leader of the CIS investment market in the near future. Since its inception, it has established itself as a reliable and conscientious partner for clients in various fields of activity.

It all started when in 2013 a group of experienced traders from the CIS decided to combine their knowledge, skills and their capital to create their own hedge fund. It was decided to create a closed-end fund providing low risks and high returns.

At the same time, the new team was faced with the task of not only providing a high-quality product in the form of investment services, but also developing a concept by which the company would qualitatively differ from competitors in a fairly oversaturated market.

Already in 2014 one of the best developers of blockchain-based products joins the team of traders. Together they create a new type of financial instrument and call it Smart-order. This technology made it possible to qualitatively improve the opportunities for investors in the process of making investments.

In 2016 , beta testing of Smart-order is successfully completed, after which the hedge fund makes it the main type of interaction between traders and investors. The reliability and convenience of the created smart contract for making investment transactions quickly finds a response among clients.

By providing diversified services and building trust with customers, the company quickly earned a positive reputation despite its relatively short life span.

In 2018 , JP Morgan and City Group attempted to buy out the ownership of Smart-order and even wanted to buy out the hedge fund entirely. After all, the innovativeness of the technology he used became obvious to competitors. But the negotiations did not lead to any result and completely failed at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the profitability of the business was constantly increasing, which forced the founders to think about a more reliable and safer development strategy. In this regard, it was decided to move under the financial jurisdiction of Singapore. Thus, there was a merger with a trusted financial services provider. This stage of development ended with the entry of the company into an investment holding.

The final stage of creation is the end of 2019 the beginning of 2020 the year when UIXONE was finally formed. It was this event that made it possible to open access to investors from the CIS countries to the revolutionary Smart-order!

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