Card HSBC:

The company cares about the convenience and comfort of its customers. UIXONE` service matches the level of the most prestigious organizations in the world. One of the hedge fund`s lucrative offers is the issuance of a personal card issued by the Singapore bank HSBC.

The HSBC card offers a whole range of undeniable advantages for VIP-investors.

  1. Instant withdrawal with no commissions up to $ 10 million per transaction;
  2. Fast lines and lounges of the 300 largest airports in the world;
  3. Cashback up to 5%;
  4. Personal banker services of the best Singapore bank;
  5. Constant drawings of valuable prizes and gifts.

For UIXONE, customer trust is important, because without it, mutually beneficial cooperation is impossible. By providing premium service to VIP investors, the hedge fund provides the best environment for business growth and financial success.

In order to be able to order the issue of an individual card, you need to open a VIP account. To do this, the deposit must be from 100,000.00 USD. For all questions of interest, you can get advice by contacting the managers of the company.

Enter the investor market with UIXONE and experience the benefits of serving the best bank in Singapore!

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