UIXONE deals with the initial placement of electronic currency on the cryptocurrency market and securities - on the stock exchange.

This activity is one of the most promising areas of work for a hedge fund. Income from transactions made is often over 100% in a couple of months. This efficiency of financial transactions is due to the low primary price of cryptocurrency and assets.

The entry of a new electronic currency to the market is always a landmark event. There are dozens of cases when the price of a cryptocurrency increased significantly in comparison with the primary one, on the very first day of trading! The same is the case with stocks first listed on the market. This is a profitable investment for the company.

UIXONE hedge fund is actively participating in pre-trading. He has the opportunity to purchase assets for his investors at a starting price, as well as pre-ICO in the case of a cryptocurrency (when the cost is lower than the primary one).

The profitability of financial transactions in this branch of the investment business is obvious. The net income of the company`s clients ranges from 20 to 200% in the first four weeks after a new asset appears on the market.

Naturally, in order to get such a profit on an IPO / ICO, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with our hedge fund. Specialists assist and advise investors on all the nuances of financial transactions with cryptocurrencies and securities. UIXONE is deservedly considered the best investment company that is interested in the success of each of its clients.

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