One of the promising activities of the UIXONE hedge fund is investing in stock index trading. This is the name of the composite indicators of the stock markets of different countries. The index is calculated on the basis of prices for specific groups of securities, which are combined according to one or another criterion. Determining the price for the shares of the largest companies, the development trend of the country / continent becomes clear.

The calculation of these indices includes information about organizations that differ in terms of capitalization, assets, and liquidity.

The most famous stock indices in USDope are CAC 40 and DAX. The first one consists of the securities of 40 French companies in different fields of activity, the cost of the second includes the prices of shares of 30 German companies. The FTSE 100 should also be mentioned. It is calculated based on the value of shares of 100 UK companies with the highest capitalization level.

UIXONE specialists will help you understand this for many new types of investment operations and will contribute to the successful achievement of positive investment results.

Medium and large clients of the company receive from 500 USD to 25,000 USD of net income for each transaction according to 11 top indices of the world.

Investing in stock indices with Smart-order has tremendous potential. Without worrying about the safety of transactions and being confident in the reliability of the hedge fund, you can increase your profitability and learn all the intricacies of the stock market. All that is required of you is to believe in yourself and trust the professionals!

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