Smart contracts:

UIXONE has developed a revolutionary type of exchange transactions that makes access to financial markets easier and safer than ever! Any other investment action requires a high level of both technical and psychological training. Also indispensable for making a profit is the presence of many years of experience in successful exchange trading. But even these qualities do not always guarantee the achievement of success in this business, since even a professional investor is not insured against mistakes and miscalculations.

Thinking in this way, the founders of the company understood that in order to stand out in the financial services market, a completely different approach to investment is required. In addition, after analyzing the requests of their potential investors, it became obvious that the needs of novice investors are practically not satisfied. A large percentage of newcomers, not having the necessary knowledge and skills, suffer losses and end their investment activities.

Therefore, specialists of the highest level in the field of modern technologies were invited to the team. They were faced with the task of creating a platform for carrying out financial transactions as convenient as possible for users. One that would protect investors from their miscalculations and rash actions. This is how Smart-order was developed.

The main advantage of Smart-order for an investor is its simplicity and safety. By opening a Smart-order through a hedge fund, an investor instructs his manager to place an investment in a specific market, for a specific time and specific conditions, leaving all the details of the process at the discretion and responsibility of the manager.

Thus, the investor gets a ready result, avoiding the typical risks associated with inexperience, which are allowed in the exchange game. At the same time, the manager can, within the framework of one Smart-order, carry out from 1 to 100 market operations for a given asset. The statement of these operations can be provided at the request of the investor.

Smart-order - this is the best thing that can happen to your capital! The future has arrived.

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