Raw materials:

Gold and oil

The most liquid raw materials in the commodity market are gold and oil. This branch of investment activity is one of the most profitable. It allows UIXONE clients to generate around 10% profit every month.

Hedge fund specialists are well-versed in this direction and provide solid support to clients in the process of investing in the commodity market. The team processes information on all changes in the US oil stock every week. This is done thanks to the technology of pending orders. Also, processing of "trend movements" is carried out regularly.

Scalping is a fairly profitable form of work. Due to the fact that oil is quite a volatile asset, short-term trades and small fluctuations bring quite decent returns to investors. The required amount on the account is 5000 USD.

As for the gold market, hedge fund analysts regularly study the US macroeconomic reporting, because any changes in the dollar exchange rate are directly reflected in the value of this precious metal.

Gold is more sensitive to the USD exchange rate than currency pairs consisting of two indicators. Therefore, this approach in work is much better than the analysis of macroeconomic reporting in the foreign exchange market, which is done by most investment companies.

Just as in the case of oil, the company`s traders monitor price fluctuations and increase profitability on short-term transactions. They enter the position as soon as the correction ends and the trend continues. In order to perform such an operation, you must have at least 10,000 USD on your account.

You can get more detailed information on investment processes in the commodity markets and become a client of UIXONE by contacting the company`s specialists.

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